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This page contains project topics/write-up for OFFICE TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT department. To view or download the complete work on each of the following works, click on the topic(s):

COMMUNICATION RELATED PROBLEMS FACE BY THE SECRETARY IN THE OFFICE : The concern of this study was to look into the effect of communication problem encountered by secretaries in the office, and ways of solving them. A sample of 120 working class secretaries was used. The questionnaire, interview and observation were the method of data collection. It was found that communication brings.{ more to view and download}

A STUDY OF AN ANALYSIS OF THE OCCUPATIONAL SCHEDULES FOR SECRETARIES IN THE ANAMBRA STATE CIVIL SERVICE: This study was undertaken as a result of what appearance to be the attitude of some typist and stenographers towards acting as personal secretaries in Anambra State civil service.  Hence to look into this occupational schedule for personal secretaries” in{ more to view and download}

EFFECT OF STAFF WELFARE AND MOTIVATION ON THE PRODUCTIVITY OF A SECRETARY (A CASE STUDY OF THE CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA, ENUGU ZONAL OFFICE) : The topic of this study is – Effect of Staff Welfare and Motivation on the Productivity of the Secretarial Staff – A case study of Central Bank of Nigeria, Enugu zonal office. Primary and secondary sources of data were used to gather facts. The questionnaire which was structured as the major source of data collection. For research questions which were formulated were duly analyzed. The population of the study was{ more to view and download}

THE EFFECT OF RECRUITMENTS, SELECTION AND PLACEMENT ON ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS (A CASE STUDY OF SELECTED INSURANCE FIRMS IN PORT HARCOURT): The office of recruitment, selection and placement on organizational effectiveness in many firms we investigated upon and analyzed. The 60 respondents from 17 insurance companies in Port Harcourt Metropolis, the hypothesis that formalized polices have significant and positive impact on organizational effectiveness are tested. The issue between placement to qualified personnel in key functional arias and attainment of organizational effectiveness was also tested { more to view and download}

COMPETENCES NEEDED BY SECRETARIES IN MODERN BUSINESS ORGANIZATION(A CASE STUDY OF IBEKU LOCAL GOVERNMENT UMUAHIA ABIA STATE) : The major purpose of this study was to determine the competencies needed by secretaries in Modern Business Organization in Ibeku Umuahia Metropolis of Abia State. The population of the study consisted 160 Executives and Secretaries from Government Organization in Ibeku Abia State. The sample for the study was 135 executives and secretaries out of 130, which were drawn using sample random sampling. For research { more to view and download}

AN ASSESSMENT OF THE EFFECT OF ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE ON THE PERFORMANCE OF QUANTITY SURVEYING FIRMS IN NIGERIA:Organizational culture defines the way employees complete tasks and interact with each other in an organization. The cultural paradigm comprises various beliefs, values, rituals and symbols that govern the operating style of the people within a company. Corporate culture binds the workforce together and provides a direction for the company. In times of change, the biggest challenge for any organization may be to change its culture, as the more and download here

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