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This page contains Islamic Studies project topics and materials for undergraduate, post graduate students, OND, HND, BSC, PGD, Msc and PHD.. click on the topic(s) to download:

[1]. ROLES OF MUSLIM ORGANIZATIONS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF ISLAMIC EDUCATION IN ILORIN WEST LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA KWARA STATE: Islamic education in appears to be fading away in the Nigeria education system, despite the increase in formation of Muslim organisations across the nation...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[2]. IMPACT OF ISLAMIC ACTIVITIES IN THE MONTH OF RAMADAN ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF ISLAMIC STUDIES STUDENT IN SAKI WEST LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, preceded by the month of Sha'aban and succeeded by the month of Shawwal. Ramadan is the holy Month for Muslims, when every mature Muslim observes a dawn to dusk complete fast...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[3]. IMPACT OF ISLAMIC EDUCATION ON THE PRIMARY PUPILS BEHAVIORS IN EPE LOCAL GOVERMENT AREA OF LAGOS STATE: Education is an enlightened experienced, it is a state attained after through systematic instructions from an higher developed intellectuals. This enlightenment is the knowledge gained from higher brained to a lower brained who put it into practice (Fafunwa,2000)...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[4]. INFLUENCE OF E-LEARNING INSTRUCTIONAL PACKAGES ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF ISLAMIC STUDIES STUDENTS OF EMMANUEL ALAYANDE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, OYO: E-Learning is the act of taking a course online using a modem, wireless or cable connection to access academic course materials from a computer, phone or other devices...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[5]. AN ASSESSMENT OF SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS ENROLMENT OF ISLAMIC STUDIES IN SSC EXAMINATIONS IN ABEOKUTA FROM 2012-2016: This study assessed the Secondary School Students Enrolment of Islamic Studies in SSC Examination 2012-2016 in Abeokuta. Simple Random Sampling Techniques was employed to select 100 Students as Sample. Questionnaire was administered to collect Data...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[6]. IMAMSHIP IN IKOTUN-ILE OYUN LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, KWARA STATE: Islam is a religion and a way of life for the Muslims, it consist of worship of the creator and goodness to others to ensure a just society for all. Salat is a very important duty in Islam as it distinguishes Muslims from others...READ AND DOWNLOAD

[7]. THE CONCEPT OF SHARIKA (PARTNERSHIP) UNDER ISLAMIC: The concept of partnership is uniquely dealt with in Islamic more and download here


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