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This page contains project topics/write-up for INDUSTRIAL SAFETY AND ENVERONMENTAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY department. Hyclassproject's aim of providing all these research materials is to reduce the stress of moving from one school library to another all in the name of searching for project topics and materials. We are not encouraging any form of PLAGIARISM. This service is legal because, all institutions permit their students to read previous projects, books, articles or papers while developing their own works. According to Austin Kleon "All creative work builds on what came before", and according to Bishop Dr. David Oyedepo "You cannot be a Reference without having References".

Below are the list of our avaliable project topics/write-up, to view or download the complete work on each of the following works, click on the useful links menu at the right-hand or bottom part of this page:

1. ENVIRONMENTAL WASTE MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL IN PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY (A CASE STUDY OF ELEME PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY PORT HARCOURT RIVERS STATE) :The researcher work center on the environmental waste management and control in petrochemical industry, a case study of Eleme Petrochemical Industry Port-Harcourt Rivers State, Rumumasi Port Harcourt Rivers State of Nigeria.     Characterization of solid and liquid industrial waste is presented together with current and projected waste leads, recycling opportunities and export import practices. Institutional capacity and needs pertaining to the enforcement of relevant environmental legislation,   monitoring scheme and public participation were artificially evaluated. Finally, realistic option for industrial waste management were outlined.  To accomplish the task, the researcher went into field work, question terminal inspection were done alongside with the extraction of the organization waste management record. Vital data from primary and secondary sources were obtained. Such data results were subjected to critical statistical analysis using student's Chi-square method as outstand results were computed having obtained the analysis of variance table (Anova). Subsequently, alternative hypothesis was rejected while the famous Null hypothesis was accepted under hypothical analysis. The research made remarks and recommend for effective improvement. {...read more to view and download}

2. THE EVALUTION OF THE OPERATION OF NIGERIA IMMIGRATION SERVICES IN THE CONTROL AND PREVENTION OF EXOTIC DISEASE IN NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF PORTHACOURT RIVER STATE) : The researcher investigated in to the operation of Nigeria Immigration service to determine its suitability in the control and prevention of exotic discussion with portharcurt Immigration Commission as a practical case study. Without hesitation the research presented the projection and focus of this research in an introduction chapter while all already existing information about the research topic was addressed under the literature review.
A simple field and analytical method was adopted by the research to execute the research in terms of research methodology subsequently, the researcher designed and plotted his practical research in a five by three experiment design (5x3). The source of data adopted were primary and secondary data. Research questionnaire response result form the primary data in a tabulated form while the information extracted from the literature review form the secondary data. The use of questionnaire was the researcher instrument and it was very valued because questionnaire beneficiaries were selected from three conspicuous categories of workers who have worked for at least ten years. A total number of one hundred and fifty questionnaires were distributed and all were retrieved. Questionnaire response result were subsequently subjected to critical statistical analysis using simple percentage devices. The researcher was able to establish a research findings saying that the basic operation of the Nigeria Immigration service is suitable in the control and prevention of exotic disease in Nigeria but the practical function discharged by Nigeria Immigration Commission are with proliferation that reduces its suitability subsequently, the researcher presented recommendations. {...read more to view and download}

This material is a complete and well researched project material strictly for academic purposes, which has been approved by different Lecturers from different higher institutions. We make abstract visible for everyone.

All Project Topics on this site have complete 5(five) Chapters . Each Project Material include: Abstract + Introduction + etc + Literature Review + methodology + etc + Conclusion + Recommendation + References/Bibliography.

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