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This page contains project topics/write-up for AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE department. Hyclassproject's aim of providing all these research materials is to reduce the stress of moving from one school library to another all in the name of searching for project topics and materials. We are not encouraging any form of PLAGIARISM. This service is legal because, all institutions permit their students to read previous projects, books, articles or papers while developing their own works. According to Austin Kleon "All creative work builds on what came before", and according to Bishop Dr. David Oyedepo "You cannot be a Reference without having References".

Below are the list of our avaliable project topics/write-up, to view or download the complete work on each of the following works, click on the useful links menu at the right-hand or bottom part of this page:


001]. THE CONDITIONS AND EARNING OF AGRICULTURAL VILLAGERS/ VILLAGES PRACTISING IRRIGATION ALONG RIVER NGADA MAIDUGURI BORNO STATE:Borno state is endowed with three major resources (Land, Water and Human Labor), an opportunity for intensive agriculture such as irrigation farming. Although small-scale irrigation provides wider benefits for the livelihood improvement of rural farm households, some of them owned irrigation while others not yet, due to different reasons. This irrigation ownership difference leads to household income disparity. To this end, this paper is aimed to analyze the effect of small-scale irrigation on households’ income. A two-stage sampling procedure was used to first select peasant associations and then sample respondents. Descriptive statistics and Heckman’s two-stage estimation were used to estimate the effects of small-scale irrigation on households’ income. The results of the study indicated that in addition to land and livestock, access and utilization to working capital is determinant for irrigation utilization decision that leads to better income. Irrigation users comparatively participate in social positions and owned comfortable residence homes than non-users. Formation of self-help cooperatives and saving-credit associations in rural areas bridges producers with their clientele solving the working capital deficiencies... [read more to downlooad complete material]

002]. IRRIGATION PRACTICES IN NIGERIA {...downlooad complete material}
003]. MICRO IRRIGATION TRANSFORMING SMALL FARMS:{...downlooad complete material}
004]. SOLAR IRRIGATION SYSTEM{...downlooad complete material}
005]. ORGANIC GARDENING{...downlooad complete material}
006]. FOREST FARMING{...downlooad complete material}
007]. FOREST FARMING{...downlooad complete material}
009]. WATER SCARCITY AND AGRICULTURE{...downlooad complete material}
010]. BIODYNAMIC AGRICULTURE{...downlooad complete material}
011]. ELECTRICAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY ON FARMS{...downlooad complete material}
012]. AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION{...downlooad complete material}
013]. POLLINATION MANAGEMENT{...downlooad complete material}
015]. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE{...downlooad complete material}
016]. MUSHROOM GROWING & PROCESSING WITH AIR CONDITIONING{...downlooad complete material}
017]. APICULTURE (BEEKEEPING){...downlooad complete material}
018]. SOLAR SEED DRYER{...downlooad complete material}
019]. GENETIC ENGINEERING{...downlooad complete material}
020]. SOILS RETROGRESSION AND DEGRADATION{...downlooad complete material}
021]. AUTOMATIC VEGETABLE (OR) LEMON CUTTING MACHINE{...downlooad complete material}
022]. MAIZE DE-HUSKER{...downlooad complete material}
023]. ANALOG FORESTRY{...downlooad complete material}
024]. COLLECTIVE FARMING{...downlooad complete material}
025]. CUSTOM HARVESTING{...downlooad complete material}
026]. AGRICULTURAL PHILOSOPHY{...downlooad complete material}
027]. GROUNDNUT THRUSTER{...downlooad complete material}
029]. ORGANIC GARDENING{...downlooad complete material}
030]. IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE ENGINEERING{...downlooad complete material}
031]. VERMICOMPOSTING{...downlooad complete material}
032]. AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY{...downlooad complete material}
033].INTEGRATED FARMING{...downlooad complete material}
035]. MINI FLOUR MILL FOR ATTA MAIDA, SUJI & WHEAT BRAN {...downlooad complete material}
036]. PADDY HARVESTER{...downlooad complete material}
037]. AGROECOSYSTEM ANALYSIS {...downlooad complete material}
039]. DRY SEASON: IRRIGATION FARMING TO THE RESCUE{...downlooad complete material}
040]. PERMACULTURE{...downlooad complete material}
041]. AGRICULTURAL EFFECTS ON BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING{...downlooad complete material}

This material is a complete and well researched project material strictly for academic purposes, which has been approved by different Lecturers from different higher institutions. We make abstract and chapter one visible for everyone.

All Project Topics on this site have complete 5(five) Chapters . Each Project Material include: Abstract + Introduction + etc + Literature Review + methodology + etc + Conclusion + Recommendation + References/Bibliography.

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