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This page contains project topics/write-up for COMPUTER SCIENCE department. Hyclassproject's aim of providing all these research materials is to reduce the stress of moving from one school library to another all in the name of searching for project topics and materials. We are not encouraging any form of PLAGIARISM.This service is legal because, all institutions permit their students to read previous projects, books, articles or papers while developing their own works. According to Austin Kleon "All creative work builds on what came before", and according to Bishop Dr. David Oyedepo "You cannot be a Reference without having References".

Below are the list of our avaliable project topics/write-up, to view or download the complete work on each of the following works, click on the useful links menu at the right-hand or bottom part of this page:

001]. AN ONLINE BASED ADMISSION SYSTEM (A CASE STUDY OF FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC NEKEDE): An online based admission system is a designed web page that can contain the information about a person or an organization. It is to this effect that the work of this project is embanked on the designing an online based admission about FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC NEKEDE.
The chapter one of this seminar comprises the introduction, the chapters two contain the literature review, and chapter three carries the objectives of the study while the chapter four talks about the summary, conclusion and recommendation of this seminar...read more or view to download full material

002].COMPUTERIZED STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM ( A CASE STUDY OF THE FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC NEKEDE, OWERRI):The introduction into the information technology has improved information need of every organization and the society at large. This research work is aimed at computerizing student information system of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri. It analyzed the existing system and discovers problems encountered which included inadequate ate storage and retrieval mode, poor assessment of records etc. there is need to present a computerized software system for operation on student information. The method of data collection included interview, evaluation of forms and study of procedural manual. The research contain input and output format for the analysis, the output and input specification, the system flowchart, the program flowchart as, well as the system requirement and other processes, which will help in the implementation of the new system problems were also encountered, which include relevant materials, financial comment as well as time limitation. Nevertheless, the computerized student information system is advantageous over the old system...read more or view to download full material
003]. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTERIZED CARGO TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (A CASE STUDY OF SUPER MARITIME SHIPPING AGENCY, LAGOS): This project was out of the necessity to address the inherent problems encountered by members of staff of super maritime shipping Agency and their customers. The manual process involved in the management of cargo were critical examined and the flows noted.  The software so designed offers to a great extent, the solutions to these problems.  The project went further to ret the different techniques used in implementing the newly design software in order to facilitate a broader understanding of the design software by any user. ...{...read more or view to download full material}
004]. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTERIZED SECURITY  INFORMATION SYSTEM (A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIA POLICE FORCE): Security of life and property is an essential need of an individual as well as a generate body. This calls for the need for a well-organized information security system. Before the advent of computers, there was no security of vital information’s, files where pulled out from  cabinets from sections, which might result to misplacement of individual files, and documents as a result this project was implemented. This project emphasis on information which is produced in a way understandable by man and the need to store this information so that need to store this information so that it can be referenced when necessary, it also describes how all these could be done electronically. It shows how information could be stored, modified and recalled instantly and accurately through computerization with out access by authorized persons...read more or view to download full material
005]. COMPUTERIZED DIRECTORY OF BUSINESS PREMISES IN ENUGU URBAN:A Business directory or business directory is a website or printed listing of information which lists all businesses within some category. The project is proposed to address the issue of solving the problem of directory transactions among the business premises, which usually causes a greater delay by using large number of complementary cards and letter within Enugu Urban area.  So in this case, the computer is used to reduce this problem.
In carrying out this research I decided in Enugu.  This shows that my investigations and findings would base within the directory system of the business premises.  The study will cover also the transaction, problem remedies of directory for business premises...read more or view to download full material
006].DISTRIBUTED COMMITMENT AND RECOVERY: TWO PHASE COMMIT: A formal model for atomic commit protocols for a distrib­uted database system is introduced. The model is used to prove exis­tence results about resilient protocols for site failures that do not parti­tion the network and then for partitioned networks. For site failures, a pessimistic recovery technique, called independent recovery, is intro­duced and the class of failures for which resilient protocols exist is identified. For partitioned networks, two cases are studied: the pessi­mistic case in which messages are lost, and the optimistic case in which no messages are lost. In all cases, fundamental limitations on the resiliency of protocols are derived. Index Terms-Commit protocols, crash recovery, distributed database systems, distributed systems, fault tolerance, transaction management...read more or view to download full material
007]. AN ASSESSMENT COMMUNICATION DEVELOPMENT THROUGH INTERNET CONNECTIVITY (A CASE STUDY OF SELECTED INTERNET UNITS IN ENUGU METROPOLIS): This study carefully examined the assessment of communication development through internets connectivity in Nigeria.  It points out that internet is not a panacea to the development of communication rather it is helped to remove constraints attached to the rural development. Internet communication therefore bridges the gap between professionals involved and rural people through initiating interaction and dialogue. To accomplish this work the research was looked at the data used in carrying out the research where as the random sampling technique was adopted.  The population used for this study comprised of one thousand people in Enugu metropolis with sample size of ten percent (10%). Primary data were collected by means of well- structured questionnaire which assisted in arriving conclusion of this work. Above all the informant of communication via manual has reduced and now replaced with communication which has turned into digital...read more or view to download full material

008]. DESIGN AN IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTER BASED SEAPORT BILLING SYSTEM (A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIAN PORT AUTHORITY LAGOS): Handling of cargo has been a circular task all these while in our various ports.  And Nigerian Ports Authority (N.P.A) being an organization responsible for seeing to the affairs of our various sea ports in Nigeria, have worked endlessly to make sure cargoes are properly handled without much complain of damage or misplacement.To ease the operation of cargo handling in our sea ports, researcher took up this study by critically understanding the work, procedure involved, analysis of the various steps and at the same time detecting problem in the present system and designing a new system that has solution to the problem of the existing system.The new design is computerized and is subject to modification at any given time.  It also have this interaction feature and accurate in it’s output...read more or view to download full material

009]. INTELLIGENT AGENT, INFORMATION FILTERING AND AVATAR:This seminar paper discusses of Better ways at finding the most valuable information on the Internet, and to avoid trash. This paper makes an overview of methods and problems in this area, including social filtering, where people help each other with filtering objects on the net. The paper also discusses about the intelligent agent in the IT environment, and how they work. Finally, the computer avatar was discussed and ways to which it was employed were delineated...read more or view to download full material

0010]. THE PROBLEMS AND PROSPECT OF TEACHING AND LEARNING OF COMPUTER SCIENCE IN NIGERIA: This study investigated the problems and prospect  of teaching and learning of computer science   in Nigeria. Data was collected from 50 respondents comprising of 10 instructors and 40 students randomly selected from the Edo State institute of management and technology. The analysis of data collected revealed that inadequate professionally trained teachers, inadequate computers, inadequate instructional resources, inadequate instructional resources, lack of motivation and incentive for teachers, lack of encouragement and motivation for the students, student apathy and indifference are problems associated with the teaching and learning of computer science education. It was recommended inter alia, that computer science teachers should be given appropriate pedagogical training to provide them with the requisite knowledge needed for efficient and better performance and the relevant instructional resources and support infrastructural facilities provided to ensure effective teaching and learning of computer science education at the institution...read more or view to download full material
011]. PRODUCTION CONTROL SYSTEM: This project is centered on the production control system which is being operated manually due to the numerous problems encountered and over payment. A measure was taken to computerized. The system  order to check this problems  were identified after service of interviews and examination of document as after which analysis will be made and a computerized procedure is recommended. This project will also suggest how to successfully, implement the computerized procedure and how overcome the obstacles that would hinder the successfully implementation of the system...read more or view to download full material

012]. THE USES OF COMPUTER IN DATA COMMUNICATION: The communication of data from one point to another is a crucial business function. Methods of data communication vary from the use of existing telephone lines to satellite transmission. This research in summary, will overview or rather elucidate the uses of computer in data communication...read more or view to download full material

013]. AUTOMATED PROJECT TRACKING INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR IMO STATE GOVERNMENNT: We all are aware of errors and losses of funds and man-power arising from non-continuity of project ranging from one administration to another. This primarily comes or results from the deficiency associated with manual storage and processing of project information in project tracking information in the state, therefore this computer base project tracking information system of government projects all over the state from development stage to completion stage keeps awarded projects and information secured as it ensures adequate information security, time saving, easy storage and retrieval mechanism.
This project work leads to the development of software which when installed would adequately keep the government fully informed on projects and as well reduces the level of project abandonment and therefore ensure continuity in government in the area of project monitoring...read more or view to download full material




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