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This page contains project topics/write-up for CIVIL ENGINEERING department. Hyclassproject's aim of providing all these research materials is to reduce the stress of moving from one school library to another all in the name of searching for project topics and materials. We are not encouraging any form of PLAGIARISM.This service is legal because, all institutions permit their students to read previous projects, books, articles or papers while developing their own works. According to Austin Kleon "All creative work builds on what came before", and according to Bishop Dr. David Oyedepo "You cannot be a Reference without having References".

Below are the list of our avaliable project topics/write-up, to view or download the complete work on each of the following works, click on the useful links menu at the right-hand or bottom part of this page:

001: HIGHWAY PAVEMENT FAILURE: Road failure is a major problem in most of developing countries and even the developed ones. Most of the road networks in the developing countries of Africa are in deplorable conditions. Nigeria being one of these countries is not an exception. The conditions of the roads in Nigeria were examined. The causes of these conditions of the roads in Nigeria were articulated and their effects to the citizen, government and the economy of the country were highlighted and solutions to these problems given in the form of recommendations that will remedy the situation. Some of the identified causes were; poor design and construction, poor maintenance of already built highways, use of low quality materials in construction, poor workmanship and poor supervision of construction work and the plying of heavy traffic that were not meant for the road on the road.
Some of the recommendations to remedy the situation are; Use of the appropriate design of the roads, avoiding unnecessary congestion of the roads with traffic especially heavy traffics that were not meant for the roads in the first place, prompt maintenance of the roads, application of suitable construction material in the construction of the roads, applying appropriate tests to the soil in road construction, use of qualified engineering personnel in road construction and the application of sanctions for highway failures. This paper takes a critical look at this common phenomenon. The paper looks at functional failure of flexible pavement by reviewing related literature such as journals and textbooks, and find out that moisture penetration, inadequate drainages system and lack of in depth technical information during design stages are few reasons responsible for road defects, which if left unchecked could result to road failure...{read more to download full material}

This paper examines the environmental problems confronting the Lagos Metropolis. The problems are both natural and man-made and can be grouped into physical, sociological and management. After describing the phenomena of poverty and environmental degradation, the paper examines the nature of prevalent environmental problems in the Lagos Metropolis and the causes and consequences.  It was discovered that the urban poor play a major part in causing these problems. They are also particularly vulnerable to the consequences of problems. Lagos metropolis is quite far from achieving any of the targets of the Millennium Development Goals.  The paper concludes by advancing good urban governance as a strategy for achieving a sustainable Lagos Mega-city and meeting the targets for the MDG’s...{read more to download full material}

003: A COMPREHENSIVE PRACTICAL PRESENTATION OF AN IDEAL ROAD DUALIZATION PLAN WITH DRAINAGE AND ILLUMINATION FACILITIES AND ASSESSMENT OF THE ACCEPTABILITY SCOPE OF ROAD DUALIZATION IN NIGERIA: This practical research is focused on a comprehensive practical presentation of an ideal architectural plan of road dualization in Nigeria and an assessment on the acceptability scope of Nigeria about road dualization in Nigeria. A case study of Imo state. The researcher firstly pointed out his research aims, problems encountered and relevance of the research in introductory chapter. He presented with illustration a detailed road dualization plan with drainage, land scope and illumination facilities. Subsequently he extracted all basic information about road dualization which he presented in his literature review. The researchers’ research instrument is the use of well structured questionnaire. A total number of two hundred and seventy were distributed to structured road construction Engineer in the 27 local Governments. All the questionnaires were retrieved and statistically analyzed. Research finding exposed that road dualization project in Imo State is executed with wrong specification and without dualization component. More so people see road dualization as a project that vandalizes their property and entries in to their statutory right to own ancestral land, finally the researcher was able to make basic recommendation...{read more to download full material}
004 : EFFECTS OF URBAN LAND USE PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF BENUE STATE:This paper examines the effect of urban land use planning and management practices in Benue, Nigeria with the aim of identifying how to improve it and achieve sustainable city development in the country. It highlights land use planning and management policies and regulations in the city. It further discusses the implications of uncoordinated land use management in context of developing world cities and suggests how to improve the present inefficient practices. The paper draws on a systematic survey of land use mechanisms and activities, departments and agencies of government responsible for land use planning and management as well as individuals involved in land use activities including land owners in the study area. The paper revealed that land use management in the city has been wholly concerned with the granting of statutory right of occupancy and approval of plans to use land for different purposes, without adequate monitoring of its outcomes. It also shows that land management and control tools are either not available or weakly implemented and disjointed and uncoordinated since several organizations and agencies are involved without a coordinating agency or an overall land use plan within which effective land use management can be undertaken. It suggests a reorganization of urban land use planning and management machinery in the area and institutionalization of Local Planning Authority as indispensable to achieving sustainable land use planning and management in the city...{read more to download full material}

005: ANALYSIS OF PAVEMENT DETERIORATION:Current road roughness deterioration modelling and analysis tends to focus on the prediction of roughness progression in terms of change in the IRI over time.
Since the IRI is simply a summary index of the actual roughness, which simulates the response of a specific type of vehicle (quarter-car), it is difficult to identify the factors that contribute to the deterioration of road roughness.
Understanding the factors that lead to the deterioration of roads and identifying the actual mode of road roughness deterioration will help road controlling authorities refine their specifications on road roughness requirements for road design, construction and maintenance to reduce their adverse influence on roughness.
In this work pavement condition data was collected using these techniques are referred to as automated data in this research project...{read more to download full material}

006: DESIGN AND STRUCTURAL DETAILING OF BAR BENDING SCHEDULE OF A 2-STOREY BUILDING: Bar Bending Schedule (which is also known as BBS) provides steel or reinforcement calculation of the drawings. BBS gives cutting length of reinforcement, type of bend in the reinforcement, Bend length of the reinforcement, total weight of the reinforcement or steel required at a particular site. Bar Bending Schedule is very important and is a little tough when drawings are complicated but it is a very important work on site where execution of certain work is to be performed...{read more to download full material}

007]. DESIGN, FABRICATION AND PERFORMANCE TESTING OF TROMMEL SCREEN FOR SOLID WASTE PROCESSING: Theoretical and practical considerations influencing the design and use of trommel screens as devices for segregating various components from municipal solid waste have been identified and studied. Reported are design considerations derived from the results of a comprehensive analytical modeling effort of the dynamics and screening phenomena occurring during trommel screening and from the results of experiments carried out on unprocessed and processed municipal solid waste under various operating conditions and using various screen configurations...{read more to download full material}

008]. ESTIMATION OF WASTES GENERATED IN UNIVERSITY OF UYO:The purpose of this study is to outline the major trends and challenges that will shape the future of waste management for the next few decades in UNIUYO. There are certain trends and facts that more or less create the ‘bigger picture’ in which the waste management industry will evolve.  It is clear that new challenges are emerging, and the current situation must be seen in a different way because the disposal site is limited and also it has to be made cost effective. Amounts of waste generation are largely determined by two factors: first, the rate of population increasing in UNIUYO and second, its per capita waste generation - which are controlled by the evolution of economic growth, life style and food habits.  The present study explains the correlation analysis of among different factors of waste and the objective is to assess the future waste generation stream in UNIUYO. The results show that for a decoupling to take place between economic growth and waste generation, the waste generation by UNIUYO students in relation to their economic activities must decrease in the future...{read more to download full material}

009]. INVESTIGATION OF CAUSES OF GEOLOGICAL ACTIVITY THAT RESULTED IN OFFICES FLOOR CRACK USING SEISMIC REFRACTION METHOD:Cracks on concrete and masonry walls could be bothersome for quality of life and for property claims. Diverse patterns of wall cracks, leaning, and differential settlement of three building structures  in  Zaria  area,  north  central  Nigeria were investigated using geophysical imaging technique. Seismic Refraction and Electrical Resistivity Imaging were integrally applied in the study. Hence the mechanisms of the failures, cracks’ identity and classifications, patterns and sizes, based on their cause traced in the survey were accentuated. The results of the integrated geophysical imaging were provided to resolve some ambiguous questions raised by indigenous geoscientists and engineers over the prevalent structural failures...{read more to download full material}

The cost of road construction consists of design expenses, material extraction, construction equipment, maintenance and rehabilitation strategies, and operations over the entire service life. An economic analysis process known as Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) is used to evaluate the cost-efficiency of alternatives based on the Net Present Value (NPV) concept. It is essential to evaluate the above-mentioned cost aspects in order to obtain optimum pavement life-cycle costs. However, pavement managers are often unable to consider each important element that may be required for performing future maintenance tasks...{read more to download full material}


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